Simple Color Muse data entry

This very rudimentary web-based data entry widget is designed to be used for entering LAB data measured with the Color Muse colorimeter. Choose either a 21-step or a 40-step target that is being measured and then enter the *L*A*B data read from each patch. There is no error checking. If you enter a negative LAB data or a number like 1000, the data will not work. There are not any guard rails, in other words.

Once the data has been entered, click the big red button and all of the data will be copied as text into your clipboard. Paste this into a plain text file and save it with a memorable name. It can then be used by you in the QuickCurve app for linearization purposes. The L values read by the Color Muse are consistently about 6 units too high. This means the Dmax values reported by the QuickCurve app will be suspiciously low. Don't believe them. Or just subtract 6 from all the L values. It really doesn't matter for linearization purposes.

Don't hit the refresh button on your browswer until you have entered all the data. Once you have copied it to the clipboard, you can use the refresh button to start the process over. Don't select another target style until you hit refresh! This is about as kludgy as a browser-based program can be, so work slowly!