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UV-LED Parts

Here are links for the parts to build a 20x30 inch UV-LED lightbox with the Mountain Intaglio empty aluminum box enclosure.


12 pole terminal strips

3 pole terminal strips

8mm LED connectors - to split - 2 packs needed for 2X box with 24 strips

Another 8mm connector option

Assorted metric screws, nuts and washers

Note that if you opt for the 4X speed box with 48 strips, you will need twice as many connectors!

Also note that if you opt for using the Waveform Lighting strips, they are wider 10mm strips and will need different connectors:

10mm LED connectors - to split - 3 packs needed for 2X Waveform Lighting boxes

Spade connectors for AC connections inside enclosure

Universal power cord to supply wall current to box

Cable clips to keep wires tidy

Inlet plug module to connect power cord to box

A slightly more expensive, but easier to wire inlet plug module from McMaster-Carr

Mounting brackets for Meanwell transformer

Meanwell 350W Transformer for 2X speed box

3 Startech 60mmx10mm fans

- OR -

3 Noctua super quiet 60mm x 25mm fans This fan is slightly chunkier but runs more quietly.

16 gauge wire for AC wiring inside box

20 gauge wire for DC wiring inside box

Rubber edge beading for bottom of box

3M Double-stick tape for attaching terminal blocks

Other options for connectors

screw down connectors

50-pack of screw down connectors

snap in connectors

Inkjet Mall

The UV-LED strips can be bought from Inkjet Mall here:

3 5-meter reels of 365nm UV-LED lights

3 reels are needed for the normal 2X speed version, and 6 reels for the super-fast 4X version. Note that you will need more connectors, and a larger transformer if you build the super-fast version:

4X speed version transformer from Amazon

500W Meanwell Transformer

Waveform Lighting UV strips

3 5-meter reels of 365nm UV-LED Waveform Lighting strips